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Brasserie Surréaliste enjoys an exceptional 1500sqm surface in the historic centrum of Brussels.

The vision behind this project is to escape reality and make people dream again. Brasserie Surréaliste is composed of multiple spaces, with very different vibes but where surreality & beauty never fades away. 

Hosting a restaurant, bar and a brewery, we offer several options for your events.

From a dedicated zone on our opening days to full privatisation.

ROTONDE: 30 to 50 people (high tables - buffet formula)

(Max 50 on Wednesday / Max 36 on Thursday) 

FULL SPACE : Between 60 & 100 people for a classic seated dinner. Up to 150 for a seated buffet

Full privatization of the entire space is only possible on Tuesday.
We are exceptionally proposing the date of Wednesday 10th &17th July at privatisation.



The entry happens via the romantic winter garden.

Flowers, big mirrors and old garden furniture reminds a little "Paradisio Perduto".

Separated by a huge veranda, the stairs (souvenir of the past loading dock) give access to the main hall,

The industrial vibe pays hommage to the historic past of the building.

Finally, the historical ramp is giving access to the basement where the brewery lies.

It is possible to organise a team building with a brewery tour.

For corporate events enquiries, without full privatisation, (25 to 50 people) please send us a message to

For corporate events enquiries, with full privatisation, (above 60 people) please send us a message to

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